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Six Degrees of Scandal - Scandalous #4 by Caroline Linden

Six Degrees of Scandal
Scandalous #4


Caroline Linden

Reviewed on April 7, 2016

Six Degrees of Scandal by Caroline Linden is a historical, romance, and mystery all in one amazing tale! This is not your typical historical romance with ballrooms and frilly gowns and the Ton at every turn of the pages. No, this is a thrill ride filled with intrigue and suspense and yes, tons of passion.

First we see the Herbert family in church and their daughter, Olivia is taken by a young boy, James Weston. However, according to Olivia’s parents, the Weston’s are not good enough for her, because they do not come from money. That soon changes when the Herbert’s learn of the Weston’s having recently bought the largest manor house in the area. Now Olivia and her sister are permitted to play and visit the Weston’s. Upon her visits, she becomes fast friends with James’ (Jamie as he’s known to friends and family) sisters and James himself. Jamie is often away on trips with his father and upon his return from one particular trip, he meets with Olivia at their spot by the creek. They are both now grown some years and they go for a swim and soon end up in each other’s arms. They make love for the first time and both declare their love for one another and he asks her to marry him. However, he wishes to wait one year in order to save some money.

Olivia is over-joyed and is awaiting for Jamie to make the announcement to his family, however, Jamie does not make this announcement and instead heads off on a business venture with his father. Olivia is doubting his love for her and if he ever truly meant to marry her. The Herbert family have come into debt and much of their belongings have had to be sold.  Olivia’s father is desperate for some money, and after having learned of Olivia’s love-making with Jamie, matches her up with a Henry Townsend. Much to Olivia’s reluctance and dismay, she marries Henry and when Jamie returns, he’s shocked that Olivia has taken a husband. He wanted her for himself, however, she didn’t think he wanted her and therefore breaks ties with him, she knows she must bury the love she feels for him.

Two years later, Henry dies and leaves Olivia penniless. She has a journal of his that is filled with mysterious and nonsense markings. So she heads to London to seek out his solicitor and gather his remaining papers. However, the solicitor informs her that he has burned all of Henry’s remaining documents and Olivia is floored. An acquaintance of Henry’s a Lord Clary was after her and harassing her and she knew the mystery behind the wasted money and Clary lied in those papers. She leaves the solicitors and is walking the long distance back to the fishing cabin she’s rented, when someone comes upon her from behind and in her haste and fear she slams him in the arm with a shovel. To her dismay and shock, it’s Jamie and he’s come to help her. He’s learned from his sister Penelope (who was also almost harmed by Clary, she was almost thrown overboard) of Olivia’s adventure and he wants to help her and get this Clary fellow for trying to harm his sister.

Olivia explains everything to Jamie and shows him Henry’s Journal. So James and Olivia venture off to get Clary and find the answers to Henry’s financial mysteries. An amazing adventure and journey awaits them and with each turn of the pages. Surprises abound throughout the story and the mystery just thickens.

Truly a wonderful story that will leave you on the edge of your seat awaiting what comes next. This is my first book of Caroline Linden’s and I must say I was expecting your typical historical romance, but I was pleasantly surprised and taken on quite the journey as she weaves her tale of mystery and suspense. I absolutely loved this book and praise to Ms. Linden for creating such a masterpiece of mystery and suspense, yet filled with historical accuracy and deep love and passion. If you love a good historical romance and a good mystery, this is the book for you!

**I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

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