Friday, June 24, 2016

The Knave of Hearts by Elizabeth Boyle

The Knave of Hearts


Elizabeth Boyle

Reviewed on January 29, 2016

The Knave of Hearts by Elizabeth Boyle is truly one of the year’s best historical romance tales! A captivating, lighthearted read that one can't put down! I give this a 5 Star rating!

We start off meeting Lavinia Tempest and Mr. Alaster Rowland on the dance floor of Almack's, one of the season's highly attended and top balls. Lavinia has always failed miserably at dancing but when she is in the embrace of Mr. Rowland, she seems to flow flawlessly and elegantly across the floor, that is until Mr. Rowland in his drunken state literally lets go of the girl and to her and all of the tons surprise she loses her footing and fumbles to her demise, ruining herself and her sisters good name and any chance at a mate. Later Rowland is at White's one of London's top gentleman's clubs and through his stupor and arrogance he makes a wager that he and he alone can make the Tempest sisters into sparkling diamonds before the eyes of the ton and aid them in securing a mate.

Rowland in order to keep his good name and make good on his wager, must turn Miss Lavinia Tempest into a lady in a mere fortnight. He takes the lady to dancing lessons and promises her that she will shine the following evening at the ball and that he will be there to see to it. However, the evening of the ball, the Tempest sisters and their Aunt and Uncle are shunned and utterly cast out and to Lavinia's sorrow, Rowland does not show or so she thinks. Rowland did in fact show but did not show himself to her in time before she and her family escaped out the side door. However, Rowland still intends to make good on his wager and through his subsequent meetings with Miss Lavinia Tempest, he finds himself rather taken by her and begins to fall for her. Will Lavinia and her sister regain their good name among the ton? Will Rowland make good on his wager and find Lavinia a match? Or will he be the perfect match for her instead?

The Knave of Hearts is so well written, the characters each have their own deep unique personalities and one can't help but fall in love with Lavinia and Rowland as they make their way to high society and each other’s hearts. This story is well researched and historically accurate yet contains such creativity. Ms. Boyle weaves a beautiful tale of passion and romance. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a lover of historical romance, this is sure to capture your heart!

-I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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