Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Teatime and Books Review ~ A Scot in the Dark - Scandal & Scoundrel: Book II by Sarah MacLean

Teatime and Books Review

A Scot in the Dark
Scandal & Scoundrel: Book II


Sarah MacLean

HarperCollins Publisher

Reviewed on August 30, 2016

A deeply passionate, sensual and a scorcher of a read! A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean will knock you off your feet with every page turn.

We are first met by Lillian Hargrove who is completely and utterly humiliated and ruined in the eyes of the ton, thanks to a very sneaky and conniving artist. Lillian had sat for a nude that she thought was for the eyes of the artist, and the love of her life, only. However, he betrayed her trust and is now threatening to show the painting to all of London in a matter of a few days.

Having been informed by his solicitor, Alec, The Duke of Warnick made a mad dash from Scotland to England. Arriving at one of his many residences, he finally finds Lady Hargrove. She’s shocked to see a large Scottish man at her doorstep, quite literally knocking down her door, and even more surprised to learn that he is her guardian. He’s there to help her in regards her scandalous situation. At first he’s set on her marrying the artist. However, after meeting up with the arrogant artist in a local pub and learning more about the situation and seeing how arrogant and careless this man is. He changes his mind and wants nothing but to protect Lillian.

He comes to a solution, that in order to save Lillian’s reputation, she should marry a titled man and put the scandal to rest. However, Lillian wants nothing to do with marriage, she wants to run away and escape the scandal and start her life anew. An inheritance is due on her next birthday and that is exactly what she intends to do. However, Alec still insists she get married and tries his best to pair her with a decent English Lord.

In the end, nether of their plans works as they soon find themselves falling in love. However, they are both battling internal demons from their pasts that threaten them falling in love with anyone or each other. Will they ever be able to love? More importantly, will they open up and admit their true feelings for each other before it’s too late?

This is my first book of Sarah MacLean’s and I must say I’ve become a huge fan. Wow, what an amazing writer, she can weave a tale so deep and toss in so many twists and turns that the readers’ find surprises on just about every page.  The passion and sensuality between the H and h just ignites. I really fell in love with Alec and Lillian, and both had some pretty intense struggles in their lives to overcome and one couldn’t help but have a soft spot in their heart for them. MacLean writes some wonderful minor characters, too, that help move the story along. This is definitely one book you’ll want to add to your library. A well deserving High 5 Stars!

**Thanks to HarperCollins Publishers for gifting me a copy of this book for an honest review**

Friday, August 12, 2016

This Earl is on Fire - This Season's Original Series: Book 2 by Vivienne Lorret

Teatime and Books Review

This Earl is on Fire
This Season’s Original Series: Book 2


USA Today Bestselling Author
Vivienne Lorret

Reviewed on August 12, 2016

Vivienne Lorret’s This Season’s Original Series just gets better and better. I’m totally addicted to this series and can’t wait for the next book! This Earl is on Fire is a captivatingly, deeply passionate, roller coaster of a read. This story is well deserving of 5 stars.

We are first met by the Pimm’s family who open their door to find a man slumped on their stoop. He’s been horribly beaten up and unconscious. The Pimm’s, with the help of their butler, drag him inside. Their daughter Adeline is taken by him and feels a deep sorrow for this poor soul at her door step. After bandaging him up and settling him into their guest room, Adeline visits with him and tries to help settle his pillow and after he awakens tries to give him a drink of water. It’s the sound of Adeline’s voice that gives him any relief from pain. Adeline soon learns that the gentleman in her families care is Liam Cavanaugh, the Earl of Wolford.

Once Liam learns that Adeline is a debutante he instantly pushes away from her, for he fears getting suckered into marrying her and he wants nothing to do with marriage. He’s avoided it successfully for many years now. Adeline, however, also does not have marriage on her mind. She and her family have come from the countryside and her parents would love for her to find her mate, however, Adeline just wants adventure. Her whole life she’s spent trapped in her bed due to her deformed shortened leg and she wants to experience what life has to offer.

However, she had no idea that she’d find adventure in the form of a dashingly handsome and scandalous Earl, nor did he bargain on finding this quiet country lady so captivating and begin to feel his heart drawn to her. Will Liam open up his heart to the beautiful Adeline? Will Adeline find not only adventure but love too?

Lorret’s writing is impeccable, she keeps the reader attached from the first page. The characters are well developed and well-rounded, I felt that I could relate to these characters and soon just fell in love with Adeline and Liam. The plot is filled with twists and turns and the scenery makes one feel as if they are really there. A truly remarkable read that is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone. I highly recommend this book and this whole series! This whole series is on fire!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why Dukes Fall In Love - A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel by Megan Frampton

Why Dukes Fall In Love?

A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel


Megan Frampton

Reviewed on August 4, 2016

This is absolutely one of the most witty and sensual romantic tales of the year! A definite high 5 stars for Megan Frampton’s Why Dukes Fall In Love?! From the first page I could not put this book down, it is so addicting!

We first meet Edwina Cheltam at her friend Caroline’s employment agency. Edwina is recently widowed and her husband let her penniless and she’s been struggling ever since to make ends meet. Her friend finds her employment as a secretary to Lord Michael, the Duke of Hadlow. He is expecting, yet another inexperienced and unintelligent man when to his surprise he’s met with a beautiful and very intelligent woman. He not only takes Edwina under his employ, he also welcomes her little six-year-old daughter into his home as well. He shocks himself for his brash decisions, it is entirely not like him! It isn’t long before Edwina and her little girl charm the likes out of this arrogant and absolutely gorgeous duke.

Michael has always prided himself on his composure and absolute control over every situation that life has handed him. He’s also kept himself away from marriage for his thirty-four years of life and plans to keep it that way. That is until Edwina comes into his life and quite literally knocks him off his arrogant aristocratic feet. Will Michael give in to his growing love for this common yet beautiful and witty woman and her little girl? Or will he end up alone for the rest of his days?

This is my first book of Megan Frampton’s and I must admit, I’m an absolute diehard fan now! I can’t wait to read more from this very talented and creative author. This story is just filled with imagination and wit, and oh so steamy! I highly recommend this book!

**Thank You Avon Books (A HarperCollins Imprint) for giving me a copy of this book for an honest review**