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Madeleine's Christmas Wish by Ella Quinn

Madeleine’s Christmas Wish
Ella Quinn
Reviewed December 28, 2015
Madeleine’s Christmas Wish
Ella Quinn
Madeleine’s Christmas Wish by Ella Quinn is a lovely 5 Star read that will capture your hearts this Christmas Season.  Madeleine, Cometesse de Beaune is taken captive and is to be sold to a brothel in England. Her Maman (mother) and sister are left behind in France and she fears for their lives. Georges, Marquis Cruzy-le-Chatel, who is a French spy and has been residing in England for several years. He’s acquired a list with the ladies names who are to be sold to brothels and he sees his dear childhood friend, Madeleine’s name also on this list. He’s shocked and worried for her, she’s not only his childhood friend but the only woman he’s ever loved. Their families had planned for them to be married but circumstances prevented the match. However, he now fears for Madeleine’s life and makes a plan to save her. He ventures in the dark to the ship that has sailed in with the young women. Spotting Madeleine, he calls to her and takes her away. He takes her to his friend’s home, where Madeleine is cared for and give clean clothes and food.
In order to help Madeleine return to France and save her family, Georges realizes that he must marry her, but he’s also fallen deeply in love and desires to make her his. She agrees to marry him but makes him promise to not consummate the marriage, for once she arrives in France and saves her family, the marriage will be annulled. Will Madeleine and Georges make it safely back to France and save her family? Will Georges woo his love and captures her heart forever? Will Madeleine realize the love brewing inside of her or will she annul the marriage?
Ella Quinn’s writing is impeccable, she weaves a tale of such sweet love, romance and a bit of adventure into every page. This story is well researched, well written and flows beautifully. The reader cannot help but long for Madeleine to fall into the welcoming arms of Georges and live as safe and warm as the fire in the hearth. Truly a magnificent tale that will capture your hearts this Christmas Season.

A Season of Love Box Set by Christi Caldwell

A Season of Love Box Set


Christi Caldwell

Reviewed on December 21, 2015

Two enchanting 5 Star Christmas Romantic tales that will be read again and again!

Book 1 Winning a Lady’s Heart:

We are first met by Alexandra and Nathan in the parlor of Alexandra’s home. Alexandra is deeply in love with Nathan but alas he no longer returns those feelings. He leaves her, breaking her heart and utterly devastating her. She soon learns of a wager he’s made at Whites that tarnishes her reputation but what tarnishes it further is when she confronts him some weeks later at a high society ball. She’s wrought with hurt and is dragged out by her shocked, yet comforting mother.

The Christmas season is near but Alexandra’s heart feels as cold as the fallen snow and colder still when she is summoned to her grandfathers, the Duke of Danby’s castle for Christmas. After her family’s long travels, Alexandra wants nothing more than to disappear under the covers of her warm bed when she is called to see the duke immediately. Fearing his rage and disappointment about her recent scandal, she shakenly but courageously goes to his office. However, to her surprise he talks of love and her true feelings for Nathan are expressed. Her grandfather calls in another of his guests and Alexandra turns to see before her, Nathan and her heart stops. Why did the Duke of Danby invite Nathan and his granddaughter? Will Nathan and Alexandra rekindle their love? Or will their love fall like the Christmas snow?

Book 2 A Season of Hope:

We meet Olivia curled up in the window seat of her room watching the falling snow. She’s reflecting on her age of three and twenty and that another season has passed and to her father’s disappointment, she’s not married. Her mother comes to her room and she and Olivia discuss her father’s desire for her to wed. Olivia does not want to wed for her heart belongs to another, Marcus Wheatley who went off to war five years before and has been presumed dead. She and Marcus loved each other very deeply and she made a promise to him and has pushed off all other suitors that is until now. Her father has offered her hand to a Lord Wellesley. However, to Olivia’s surprise and relief, she’s been summoned by her grandfather, the Duke of Danby’s castle for Christmastide. She and only she has been summoned.

The Duke of Danby is in his office and is talking with his employee, a dark haired man with a patch over his eye and scars marking his face. He is informed by the duke that they are expecting a very special guest, his granddaughter, Olivia. A carriage draws up and Olivia enters the castle only to be whisked immediately to her grandfather’s office. There she not only meets the duke but also hiding in the shadows is none other than her long lost love, Marcus Wheatley. What game is the duke playing now? Will Olivia and Marcus rekindle their love like the fire in the great hall or will Olivia be forced to marry Lord Wellesley and live with only her memories?

Christi Caldwell’s writing is impeccable, she takes the reader on an enchanting ride back in time to the age of Lord’s and Lady’s and of course one rascally Duke. What more romantic than at the most magical time of the year, Christmas, where love reawakens and sparkles just as the candles upon the yew tree. Caldwell’s characterization and plot development are so rich and one can’t help but fall in love with the young lovers in both stories. These stories are sweet, deeply romantic and so very enchanting. You will want to be sure to add this to your Christmas list this season and read these again and again each Christmastide!

Heartbreak and Honor - Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series: Book 3 by Collette Cameron

Heartbreak and Honor (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 3)

Collette Cameron

December 13, 2015

Heartbreak and Honor by Collette Cameron is a holiday tale you will want to be sure to add to your Christmas list this season. This is a remarkable 5 Star read that captures the heart of the Christmas spirit.
We are first met by Tasara Faas, a Highland Gypsy and her young siblings. They’ve been captured by a band of renegade Scots and one evil Blackhall. Soon Tasara and the young bairns are rescued from the dashing and handsome Duke of Harcourt. However, in her fear and feisty nature, Tasara blackens the duke’s eye when he kisses her. Soon her father comes to her aid and gathers his children and heads back to camp.
The next morning Tasara hears her parents talking about her and of how they had come upon her when she was a small child, to her horror she learns that she’s not actually their daughter but belonged to a Lady Atterberry and that she is in fact Alexandra Atterberry. She had been found harmed as a child and her mother and father took her in to the gypsy clan and claimed her as their own in order to protect her. Her father later reveals to her about whom she truly is and due to the recent scandal of her captivity she is asked to leave the encampment for the safety of the other tinkers.
Tasara (Alexandra) is taken in and rightfully claimed by her biological aunt and uncle. She’s taken to their home in London, England and there she begins her tutelage of becoming a Lady and gain her rightful inheritance. However, there is one catch the claim that her step-sister always has rights to the title and inheritance. Alexa begins the little season where at her first ball, she sees the Duke of Harcourt, Lucan and he soon takes a great liking to her.
The Duke of Harcourt must marry by Christmas as promised to his mother upon her sickbed. Although, he is seeking a wife he’d never expected himself to fall so deeply in love with a beautiful gypsy who has the most captivating violet eyes ever. He seeks the hand of Lady Alexandra Atterberry but she is none to accepting and refuses him not once but several times. However, she too begins to fall for the dashing and relentless Duke and soon finds herself enraptured with him and everything about him but she’s unsure how she would be as a Duchess and that she does not want to bring him hardships. The duke has found himself captured under his wild gypsy’s spell… but stumbling blocks abound at each turn of the pages.
Can Harcourt convince the violet eyed Alexa to marry him? Will Alexa admit her love and become the duchess she’s destined to?
Cameron’s writing is magnificent, she takes the reader on a hilarious and sweetly romantic adventure yet one that is also filled with mystery and intrigue. Her humor and wit are one of the highest points of her writing and with each page turn she leaves the reading in suspense of what is to come. Her characterization and style calls the reader to fall in love with the Duke of Harcourt, Alexa and the myriad of characters that grace the pages. She’s truly one of today’s most creative and talented authors.

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

A Daring Sacrifice


Jody Hedlund

Reviewed on March 11, 2013

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund is truly a masterpiece and well deserving of 5 Stars. This story will capture the heart of all readers and especially Robin Hood fans! Our young heroine, Lady Juliana is first seen being held down and about to get her thumbs cut off until she makes her escape and off into the forest she flees with the help of her friends. Lady Juliana is hiding in the deep forest just short of Lord Wessex land, she strives to save the peasants and bring them food and shelter. Lord Wessex and other Lords rule the land and force the peasants and workers into dire poverty, over taxing them and underpaying them so that they barely can make it. Lady Juliana has seen this occur throughout her life and despises the practices and therefore after her father the former Lord Wessex hides away in the forest and becomes a thief in order to help the peasants. It is during a thieving episode that she runs into Lord Collin and unbeknownst to her, he recognizes that she's a woman through her guise but he knows her from somewhere. So after she has taken his jewels and disappears off into the forest, he later happens upon her and snatches her away from her friends and takes her to his home. She escapes into the forest again and he catches up to her only she falls out of a tree and gets injured, so he takes her to his home. Here he finally realizes who she truly is, Lady Juliana Wessex, daughter of former Lord Wessex and he recalls meeting her as a small child. He wants to help Juliana but she wants nothing to do with the royal life she once descended from and wants to return to the forest to help her peasant friends and remain a thief. Can Lord Collin convince Juliana to let him help her? Will Juliana open her heart to Lord Collin and see the love he has for her?

Absolutely wonderful book, so well written and with such vivid detail and scenery throughout. One can't help but fall in love with the spirited Juliana and her loving heart. Just a truly exceptional story and I now must go back and read the first two in the series. This was my first book of Jody Hedlund's to read and must admit I'm now a huge fan and I'll be keeping my eye out for more of her stories to come. This is definitely a book you'll want to add to your library!

Temptations of a Wallflower - The Wicked Quills of London #3 by Eva Leigh

Temptations of a Wallflower

The Wicked Quills of London #3

By: Eva Leigh

Reviewed on May 5, 2015

Absolutely one of the most wonderful reads of the year! A dynamic high 5 stars for Temptations of a Wallflower by Eva Leigh. This story kept me attached and up all hours reading from the first page!

We first meet Jeremy, a country Vicar who’s been asked to undertake a very special mission and find out who this Lady of Dubious Quality is, she’s the author of the most sensual, passionate erotic novels out there that have captivated the ton. Jeremy is tasked with finding this author out and shutting him or her down.

Lady Sarah Frampton known as the Watching Wallflower to society is a quiet, shy lady who’d much prefer being curled up with a book or writing a book than hunting for husbands. However, her mother is insistent that she find a husband and drags her to a garden party. Here she hides herself away in a little nook that’s got just what she desires, a writing desk. She brings out her quill and paper and begins daydreaming until her mother finds her and drags her out. While at the party she is introduced to the host’s nephew, the holy yet dashingly handsome, Vicar Jeremey Cleland. She and Jeremy have a stroll through the gardens and to Sara’s surprise she can’t help but find herself taken by this country vicar and finding her imagination going wild with stories. Jeremy too finds himself taken by the shy yet beautiful Lady. There’s just one problem, he’s far below her rank in society’s eyes. Also, Sarah holds a very dark and deep secret… she is Lady of Dubious Quality, she is the one who pens these steamy erotic reads… the one who Jeremy is on the lookout for… Will Lady Sarah finally give in and find a husband? Will the true identity behind these steamy reads be revealed? Will Jeremy find her out?

This series just keeps getting better and better and Eva Leigh’s writing is just phenomenal and this story is pure genius! I absolutely fell in love with our shy yet very sensual Sarah. Her character just comes alive on the pages and what a perfect character, one so backward and shy and one who wants nothing to do with a husband and the marriage bed, yet inside her lives this very steamy and sensual imagination… and one that is not at all shy in the ways of the marriage bed! I loved that she’s a writer and has this very vivid and wild imagination. I also loved Jeremy’s character, he too is one so shy and his passions and sensuality are hidden by the cloth yet it’s soon to be sparked! Excellent storyline and plot and one that is filled with suspense and thrill! I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait to read more! I highly suggest this whole series, you won’t be disappointed!

How to Manage a Marquess by Sally MacKenzie

How to Manage a Marquess


Sally MacKenzie

Reviewed on May 5, 2016

I give this book a 4 star rating. The reason being, although a lovely story, it ran a tad slow and I must admit it took me a bit to get into the story. We start off meeting a young lad, Nate the Marquess of Haywood, whose mother is dying and he’s promised her that he will protect his cousin, the future Duke, from the curse of Isabelle Dorring. So the only way for Nate to keep his cousin safe is to help him remain single. As the youths grow into young gentleman, those proves harder than it seems and the Duke is beginning to take a liking to women and they too of him.

Next we meet Miss Anne Davenport and she wants nothing to do with marriage and men, she wants to live in the Spinster House, only there’s one problem, her friend Cat has claimed the house and refuses to leave. The lovely Cat has also become smitten with the dashingly beautiful and single Marquess, the future Duke. So Anne strives to get her friend Cat and the Duke together and on the road to marriage and therefore Cat will no longer be a spinster and therefore have to give up the spinster house. Only one problem stands in the way of Anne’s mission, the gorgeous and charming yet persistent Nate, who wants to protect his cousin from the curse and therefore does all he can to keep Cat from him and keep Marquess single. Anne also begins to find herself falling for this Marquess and he too finds himself smitten with her. Will Cat continue to keep Anne from moving into the Spinster House or will another reason keep her from her dream?

The writing is well done and historically accurate. It was just a tad slow in the beginning but otherwise a wonderful read!

One Dangerous Desire - Accidental Heirs by Christy Carlyle

One Dangerous Desire (Accidental Heirs)


Christy Carlyle

Reviewed on April 28, 2016

I give this a 5 stars. This was a lovely historical romance and quite well written, there is a lot of suspense and intrigue throughout. A deeply enchanting love story that is rich in passion and classic romance. It is high in its historical accuracy and is a lovely plot. Christy Carlyle has done a lovely job with this book and I intend to go back and read all of the books in this series!

Six Degrees of Scandal - Scandalous #4 by Caroline Linden

Six Degrees of Scandal
Scandalous #4


Caroline Linden

Reviewed on April 7, 2016

Six Degrees of Scandal by Caroline Linden is a historical, romance, and mystery all in one amazing tale! This is not your typical historical romance with ballrooms and frilly gowns and the Ton at every turn of the pages. No, this is a thrill ride filled with intrigue and suspense and yes, tons of passion.

First we see the Herbert family in church and their daughter, Olivia is taken by a young boy, James Weston. However, according to Olivia’s parents, the Weston’s are not good enough for her, because they do not come from money. That soon changes when the Herbert’s learn of the Weston’s having recently bought the largest manor house in the area. Now Olivia and her sister are permitted to play and visit the Weston’s. Upon her visits, she becomes fast friends with James’ (Jamie as he’s known to friends and family) sisters and James himself. Jamie is often away on trips with his father and upon his return from one particular trip, he meets with Olivia at their spot by the creek. They are both now grown some years and they go for a swim and soon end up in each other’s arms. They make love for the first time and both declare their love for one another and he asks her to marry him. However, he wishes to wait one year in order to save some money.

Olivia is over-joyed and is awaiting for Jamie to make the announcement to his family, however, Jamie does not make this announcement and instead heads off on a business venture with his father. Olivia is doubting his love for her and if he ever truly meant to marry her. The Herbert family have come into debt and much of their belongings have had to be sold.  Olivia’s father is desperate for some money, and after having learned of Olivia’s love-making with Jamie, matches her up with a Henry Townsend. Much to Olivia’s reluctance and dismay, she marries Henry and when Jamie returns, he’s shocked that Olivia has taken a husband. He wanted her for himself, however, she didn’t think he wanted her and therefore breaks ties with him, she knows she must bury the love she feels for him.

Two years later, Henry dies and leaves Olivia penniless. She has a journal of his that is filled with mysterious and nonsense markings. So she heads to London to seek out his solicitor and gather his remaining papers. However, the solicitor informs her that he has burned all of Henry’s remaining documents and Olivia is floored. An acquaintance of Henry’s a Lord Clary was after her and harassing her and she knew the mystery behind the wasted money and Clary lied in those papers. She leaves the solicitors and is walking the long distance back to the fishing cabin she’s rented, when someone comes upon her from behind and in her haste and fear she slams him in the arm with a shovel. To her dismay and shock, it’s Jamie and he’s come to help her. He’s learned from his sister Penelope (who was also almost harmed by Clary, she was almost thrown overboard) of Olivia’s adventure and he wants to help her and get this Clary fellow for trying to harm his sister.

Olivia explains everything to Jamie and shows him Henry’s Journal. So James and Olivia venture off to get Clary and find the answers to Henry’s financial mysteries. An amazing adventure and journey awaits them and with each turn of the pages. Surprises abound throughout the story and the mystery just thickens.

Truly a wonderful story that will leave you on the edge of your seat awaiting what comes next. This is my first book of Caroline Linden’s and I must say I was expecting your typical historical romance, but I was pleasantly surprised and taken on quite the journey as she weaves her tale of mystery and suspense. I absolutely loved this book and praise to Ms. Linden for creating such a masterpiece of mystery and suspense, yet filled with historical accuracy and deep love and passion. If you love a good historical romance and a good mystery, this is the book for you!

**I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble

Her One True Love


Rachel Brimble

Reviewed on April 1, 2016

Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble is such a powerful and deeply passionate romance. A story of heartache and love lost but yet love finds the two birds again in a most unusual way. We are first met by Jane and her sister taking a walk through the woods of their small village town. They run into Matthew Cleaves whom Jane has secretly loved for some time. However, Matthew gave his heart to another and married two years ago leaving Jane heartbroken and hopeless. Now, Matthew is the heartbroken one, having been left by his wife who cheated on him and he walks through the town in such a somber state. Jane still hopes he'll confess his love for her but alas, he does not on that day in the woods. On that day, Jane finally makes up her mind to head to Bath and start her life anew without Matthew Cleaves and move on in hopes of finding her one true love just as her sister had. So off to Bath she goes into a whole new life... but will her heart find another one true love? Or will the dashingly beautiful Matthew Cleaves regain his place in society and realize who he's truly loved all along?

This is my first book to read from author Rachel Brimble and I must say I'm very impressed. Her writing style is beautiful and has a poetic flow to it. In Her One True Love, she weaves a tale of deep woe and sorrow yet romance and an undying love captures her characters and the story takes on a whole new meaning. I highly recommend this book for any romantic at heart!

The Forbidden - The Untouchables #1 by Darcy Burke

The Forbidden Duke

The Untouchables #1


Darcy Burke

Reviewed on March 31, 2016

The Forbidden Duke by Darcy Burke is such a breathtaking read, filled with vivid history, passion, loss and yes, romance. Lots of romance. A wonderful 5 star read that will make a great addition to anyone’s library.

We start off by seeing spinster, Eleanor Lockhart meeting with her father and being informed that he’s lost it all. He has nothing left to provide her with and she must find new accommodations. Eleanor at first is at a loss of what to do, she been banished by family and many friends due to an incident that occurred several years prior. She was caught in a passionate kiss with a rake which ruined her name and life in society.  The only thing she could do is become a ladies companion. She’s soon hired by Lady Satterfield, who immediately falls in love with the young woman. Here, Eleanor meets the dashing, yet dark and mysterious Forbidden Duke or so his nickname goes. Titus St. John, Duke of Kendal who just happens to be Lady Satterfield’s step-son and the one who is responsible for Eleanor’s fall from grace some years prior, no, he’s not the man in question. However, it was he who influenced his friends to go about acting rakish and ruining innocent misses. Titus soon finds himself smitten with the lovely Miss Eleanor and he soon finds himself drawn to helping her and she too begins to fall for the dark and mysterious duke. Can Titus help Miss Eleanor regain her rightful name in society? Will he express his love and finally settle down and wed the lovely miss?

This is my first book of Darcy Burke’s and I must say I am now a huge fan. Her writing style is impeccable and she weaves such a deep and vivid tale that just captures the reader and draws them back in time to the elegant ballrooms, the afternoon teas of the ton and of course into the passionate lives of the characters. Her characters spring to life on the pages and one can’t help but fall in love. This is a wonderful read and I can’t wait see what to come next in this amazing series of The Untouchables.

**I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

Three Weeks to Wed - The Worthingtons by Ella Quinn

Three Weeks To Wed (The Worthingtons)


Ella Quinn

Reviewed on March 29, 2016

Release Day!

Three Week to Wed (The Worthingtons) by Ella Quinn is truly a masterpiece and a series that you will want to watch out for and add to your library! A definite high 5 stars!

We start off in a little inn where Lady Grace Carpenter has had to stop due to the impending rain. She’s resting in the inn’s parlour when a gentleman enters. Mattheus (Matt), Earl of Worthington has also been stopped by the rains and at the inn finds a delightful young lady whom he shares dinner with and later the two end up in a rendezvous. Grace gave into her desires as she feels she will never get married and therefore never experience the touch of a man because she’s the guardian of her seven brothers and sisters and therefore has accepted a life of singlehood.

However, upon this night of love and passion, Matt falls madly in love with “His Love” as he calls her and when he returns to London, he can’t get her out of his mind and goes in search of her. Grace comes to London to see her sister Charlotte’s come-out season and she learns the Worthington is also there for the season as his sister is coming out as well. She does all she can to avoid him, however she runs into him at a gathering and here again she falls into his arms and is enraptured by their love-making.

Worthington loves Grace dearly and can’t see his life without her, he goes the next morning to seek her hand. Only to his surprise, he’s met with seven children and Grace confesses to him why she can’t marry him. However, he’s relentless and with the help of the children, eleven now in total counting his four sisters. He expresses his love and pleads for Grace to become his wife. Will Grace open her heart and become Matt’s wife? Will these two combine and create one big beautiful family?

Quinn weaves a beautiful tale of love and deep passion between two remarkable people and her writing style is impeccable. Her characters just draw the reader in and welcome them into their lives and home. The twists and turns they all go through takes the reader on quite the ride. Quinn is truly a lady of words and weaves such a tale that is so vivid, the reader can’t help but feel as if they are right there, feeling, hearing and tasting it all. Three Weeks to Wed is a masterpiece and tells of the deep love and faith of this beautiful family. One can’t help but fall in love with the Worthingtons. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

**I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review**

The Road to Winterhill by Gloria Gay

The Road to Winterhill


Gloria Gay

Reviewed on March 18, 2016

The Road to Winterhill by Gloria Gay is truly a 5 Star read, one that you will not be able to put down! I absolutely loved this story and felt drawn into it from the first paragraph. Our heroine of the story Belinda Presleigh is conned by her mother into a scheme involving Richard Branston, Earl of Berrington. Lord Berrington is drawn into the wine cellar by his mistress or so he thought, but instead and to his surprise he sees Belinda Presleigh. He goes back up the stairs and finds the door locked. Belinda at that moment knows her mother was behind this. She and Lord Berrington are stuck in the cellar throughout the night and to the Tons surprise are found the next morning. Lord Berrington, doing the honorable thing offers his hand to Belinda and she accepts. Belinda truly has been in love with Lord Berrington most all of her life but never let him know. She’s a very shy young woman and drowns herself in the written word and taking leisurely walks.

Her older sister was the beauty of the family and such high hopes were held that she’d become a great heiress. Her family was staying in London to prepare for her first season and the girl became very ill and shortly after died. Now all they had left was Belinda, who was not a striking beauty, rather plain and backward. However, she is their only hope to regain their position among the Ton and Society. So her mother focuses all her attentions on Belinda and when she learns of Belinda’s love for Lord Berrington, she creates a scheme that will assure the match must be made.

Lord Berrington and Belinda head from London to Winterhill, his country estate. Once at the estate, Belinda is greatly mistreated by Lord Berrington’s sister-in-law and his sister and the only friend Belinda has is her maid. It isn’t long before Lord Berrington heads back to London, leaving his new bride alone in the home to learn how to be the proper Countess and running Winterhill as promised by his sister-in-law. However, to his shock, his sister-in-law horribly mistreats Belinda and treats her as an outcast. While Lord Berrington is in London, he starts to realize the first stirrings of love for Belinda and he rushes home but a horror awaits his return. Will Belinda ever win Lord Berrington’s heart and love? Or will she be content to just live with the fact that she has loved him or will she be able to express that love?

Truly a wonderful story that will keep you awake all hours turning the pages! This story is filled with love, passion and a lot of suspense!

The Groom Wore Plaid - Highland Weddings by Gayle Callen

The Groom Wore Plaid: Highland Weddings


Gayle Callen

Reviewed on March 11, 2016

A wonderful story and I give it a 4 Stars! Maggie McCallum see's things in her dreams and they often come true. She saw the death of her dear friend and love, Owen Duff. THe McCallum's and Duff's have been warring clans for some time and it is felt that a match between the two would bring peace to the clans. So Maggie and Owen are betrothed, however, Maggie is at first against it because due to a dream she has had she knows Owen's life is in danger and his clan is in jeopardy. She relentlessly tries to call the marriage off but Owen will have none of it, He is deeply in love with Maggie and desires her in so many ways. Will the two end up in wedded bliss? Will Maggie be able to get through to Owen and save his and his clans lives?

This story has a wonderful concept behind it but I must admit it has some flow issues in parts where the plot does not make complete sense to the reader. I feel that needs to be further developed. Otherwise, the story is awesome, the characters are very strong and well developed. If you enjoy a good highlander story, this is a good one!

Defying the Earl - Regency Charms: Book 1 by Annabelle Bryant

Defying The Earl (Regency Charms, Book 1)


Annabelle Bryant

Reviewed on March 7, 2016

5 Teacups

Defying the Earl by Annabelle Bryant is a High 5 Star Read. This lovely tale will capture the hearts of historical romance lovers all around.

Wilhelmina Montgomery has come up with a clever way to help her sister get more treatments. Her sister, Livie, and her parents were in a terrible accident some years before. Her parents died and Livie was badly hurt, she became unable to walk. Live and Wilhelmina live with their aunt Kate and Livie’s treatments for her legs have become very costly and Wilhelmina come up with a plan to be a matchmaker and help bring couples who truly love one another together.  While browsing in the bookstore, Wilhelmina comes upon Lady Brigby who wants to see her son Leonard matched up with the one he truly desires, Lady Fiona. So Wilhelmina is on her way to matchmaking and bringing in some money to help pay for Livie’s treatments.

Valerian St. David, Earl of Dashwood is in need of a way to make money quick. He and his brother are in dire straits. His father the former Earl squandered their savings and now his brother Jasper has gambled and partied what remained of their savings and inheritance and now creditors are hounding on their door and they are in fear of losing their manor in the country. So the two come up with a plan to be matchbreakers in order to recoup what they’ve lost. He meets with Lord Rigby who wants nothing more than to see his son not fall in love with Lord Noble’s daughter, Fiona. Leonard Rigby has been smitten with Lady Fiona and truly desires her, so it is up to Valerian to break the two up.

Through a series of circumstances and rather humorous meetings, Lord Valerian and Lady Wilhelmina keep running into one another and neither has any knowledge of what the other has been up to. Through their matchmaking and matchbreaking schemes they both find themselves falling for one another. Valerian invites Wilhelmina to Kirby’s Place, his manor in the country and opens up to her about his impoverished situation and also bears his heart and expresses just how in love he is with her. Will Wilhelmina accept Valerian as poor as he is? Will she too open and give her heart to him? What will become of their matchmaking and matchbreaking schemes?

Annabelle Bryant weaves a beautiful tale of love, romance and yes schemes and humor all around. The scenery and plot are vivid and deep. Each character is well developed and the reader can’t help but fall in love with each one. I can’t wait to read the next in this wonderful series! This is truly a wonderful book that will make a great addition to your library.

The Earl Next Door - The Bachelor Lords of London by Charis Michaels

The Earl Next Door: The Bachelor Lords of London


Charis Michaels

Reviewed on March 4, 2016

5 Teacups!

This is one of the year’s best historical romance tales and deserving of a high 5 Stars! I absolutely loved this story and just adore the characters especially our heroine of the tale, Lady Piety, she is such a charming character who is humorous and gutsy!

We first start off on the street of Henrietta Place in the home of Lady Frances Stroud, Marchioness Frinfrock where she and her maid, Miss Breedlowe are seen snooping on the new neighbor across the street who is moving into a home which has been abandoned for five years. To the marchioness surprise it is a single young lady who is accompanied by an African and her new home happens to be right next to the much unmarried Earl Lord Falcondale.

Lord Falcondale has no intent on staying at his home, he's emptied it out and dismissed all of the staff and intends to do nothing but put it up for sale. While at home playing a game of chess with his servant boy, he hears a noise above coming from the music room and he knows it's completely empty, pondering the idea of ghosts he seeks out the noise to accidentally bump into a lady who's hidden behind a door. He soon learns this lady is his new neighbor and also that there is a secret passage connecting her home to his. Lady Piety is shocked for she was guaranteed the use of his home while her home was being renovated. However, there's been a mix-up, Earl Lord Falcondale is not the Lord Falcondale she seeks and whom this arrangement was made, it's his now deceased uncle. Upon hearing of the arrangement and payment for this arrangement, Lord Falcondale is absolutely against it and refuses to help Lady Piety.

Through a series of events and some amazing twists and turns, Lord Falcondale does consent to a compromise in which Lady Piety may use the passage but not to disturb anything else or enter into any other rooms. Lady Piety's plights are not yet over, there has been serious trouble in rebuilding her staircase and she needs a good architect which Lord Falcondale just happens to be. She seeks his help but here again she's met with an astounding no, so she continues on in her quest to seek his aid. Lord Falcondale is stunned by his new neighbor who shows such striking courage, charm and is absolutely breathtaking, and he soon finds himself falling for the gutsy lady and she too begins to fall for the dashingly handsome yet frustrating Earl Next Door. Will Lord Falcondale consent to helping Lady Piety and will he bear his heart and allow himself to love? Will Lady Piety open her heart to the dashing earl?

This was my first book by author Cheris Michaels and she's now one of my favorites, I'm going to be collecting all of her books! What an amazing writer, she sure can weave a tale! This was such a wonderful story with so many twists and turns that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The characters just draw you in and melt your heart and add many a laugh to your day! I highly recommend this book to anyone who's a fan of romance and loves a good laugh too!

Schemes Gone Amiss - Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper: Book 2 by Collette Cameron

Schemes Gone Amiss (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Book 2)
Collette Cameron
Reviewed on February 9, 2016
 5 Teacups!

Schemes Gone Amiss by Collette Cameron is yet another sweet and romantic historical regency with splashes of humor throughout! A definite 5 Stars Read!

Blythe Culpepper has been taken to London for her first season, she is at one of her first balls of the season, and wearing a second hand gown that does not fit her properly. She would much prefer being at home running through the fields and mucking stalls but instead she’s putting on a smile for the ton. She’s promised dances to many dashing young gentleman and one being Lord Leventhorpe, whom just grates on her nerves.

Lord Tristan Leventhorpe has been asked a favor and if it weren’t from such a dear friend, and also that despite her annoying him, he’s finding himself drawn to one sister in particular. He’s agreed to help the Culpepper sister’s through their first season. As time goes on, Tristan and Blythe drive each other mad but in another way as well, for they find themselves falling for one another, despite their differences. Will Lord Tristan help bring the sisters’ into full swing this Season? Will he capture the heart Blythe? Or drive her back to the country forever? Can Blythe aid Lord Tristan in overcoming his past? Will he accept her heart?

Collette Cameron weaves a beautiful tale of love, passion and romance with splashes of humor throughout. Each character is fully developed and the plot just thickens with each page turn.  I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for the next!

Scandal at Vauxhall - Pleasure Garden Follies: Book 1 by Layna Pimentel

Scandal at Vauxhall

Pleasure Garden Follies, Book 1


Layna Pimentel

Reviewed on February 3, 2016

I give it 5 Teacups!

This was the first book of Layna Pimental that I've read and I absolutely loved it, I couldn't put it down. I give a High 5 Stars to Scandal at Vauxhall (Pleasure Garden Follies, Book 1) by Layna Pimental, she writes a sensual and deeply romantic tale that takes the reader on quite a ride!

Duchess Isabel has been in love with the Marquess of Stoughton, Nathanial ever since her youth and before going off to war he'd asked for her hand in marriage, which she gladly gave. During his leave, however, her father arranged for her to be married to the Duke of Brimley. During her marriage to Brimley, her life is a shambles and he's turned out to be nothing but a gambler and drunk and rather rough in the marriage bed. She's been left sad and childless... her heart still belongs to Nathanial and she longs to see him again, however, she's learned that he'd been killed in the war. At a high ball, Duchess Isabel to her astonishment sees Nathanial as he enters the ball, she's so overjoyed to learn he's not been killed after all. During the ball there is a dilemma, Isabel is informed that Duke Brimley has been found having an affair with the Duchess of Downsbury and her husband, the Duke of Downsbury has challenged Brimley to a duel. Isabel is startled but yet part of her is relieved when her husband is killed in the duel.

Her life has been in shambles and she's longed so much to be with Nathanial. He too has longed for her and seeing her at the ball brought back all the memories and enlivened the love he has for her even more. This strong desire has pulled at both of the so much so that they are soon caught in an improper and compromising situation at the Vauxhall Gardens causing a great scandal. Nathanial wants to make it right and save Isabel's reputation and make her his bride. Will Isabel accept? Will she and Nathanial survive this scandal and regain their proper place in society?

Pimental has a gift for writing a wonderful historical tale of love, passion and splashes of suspense and surprise. I highly recommend Scandal at Vauxhall by Layna Pimental!