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Welcome to Teatime and Books Reviews. My name is Janet Greaves and I’m a book editor, author assistant and also a teacher. I also am a lover of books and have always been a ferocious reader ever since I began to read at the age of three. I feel through books we can go anywhere, be anything we want to be and do anything we want! Books are magical and also give us an escape from the chaos that life can sometimes throw at us.

I love every author and am so grateful for their creative genius, talent and the long hours and time they put into giving us these wonderful stories. As my thanks to them, I am creating this blog to review their books and share with other readers the amazing talent that lies on the pages and my opinion of these awesome works of art. I hope you will enjoy these reviews and will consider purchasing these awesome books. To the authors: Thank you so much!

Each page will contain reviews for each genre. I will never give anything below a 3 star review, if I happen to read a book that I feel is lower than 3 stars, I will contact the author and provide a helpful critique.

Also, on my blog Teatime and Books located at http://www.teatimeandbooks76.blogspot.com and http://www.facebook.com/teatimeandbooks you will find many blog posts about upcoming releases and book blitzes as well as author spotlights.

Thank you and I hope all of you enjoy the blog!


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    1. Good afternoon & Happy Spring!

      I have a brand new series 'Love Song Standards' I began in Jan. 2016, with 6 books completed as of now. I have a library of American Standard love songs from the 40's, 50's, and 60's I listen to as a write I find so inspiring. As a romance author, we need all the inspiration we can get šŸ˜‰ I decided to write a series of contemporary romances titled after some of my favorite old time standards. "Unchained Melody" is Book 1 in the series. I've been so busy writing, now it's time to gain reviews. Would you be interested? I can provide any ebook format (mobi, epub, or pdf). Here is a brief description ....

      Pamela Landers had it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desired most was a loving husband, children and a life filled with precious memories that would comfort her through her golden years.

      Funny how fate has a way of steering you down that path where dreams really can come true. When Pamela encounters Gavin Templeton along her journey, she has some life-altering decisions to make that eventually lead her to happily ever after.

  2. You can reach me at cynthia@romanceauthorcynthiaroberts.com