Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Wedding for Christmas: A Twilight, Texas Novel by Lori Wilde

A Wedding for Christmas: A Twilight, Texas Novel


Lori Wilde

Reviewed on October 25, 2016

Sweet, sensual and a funny read that must be on everyone’s Christmas list this year! A Dynamite 5 Stars for Lori Wild’s, A Wedding for Christmas: A Twilight, Texas Novel!

We first meet Katie Cheek in L. A. at a celebrity party, she’s switched places for Christmas with one of her best friends. She’s come to L. A. and her friend is staying in Twilight, Texas. Katie is feeling beautiful and for the first time in her life; sexy and sensual. She was the geeky kid back in school who wore glasses, had braces, frizzy hair and yes, an obsession for being neat. However, now gone are the glasses, braces and frizzy hair, the neat-freak still remains, but she’s feeling drop-dead gorgeous as she walks into the party, heads turn.

She knows men want her, but she isn’t pining after them. No, she’s still in love with her older brother’s best friend, Ryder Southerland. Ryder lived with them for a year when she was in eighth grade and Katie was smitten. However, the day after Katie kissed Ryder, he heads off to the Army and leaves her heart bleeding and thinking she’d scared him off.

Years later, at this fancy L. A. party, Ryder is a celebrity security guard and whilst chasing a stalker (or so he thinks) he knocks over this blonde lady in red and to his surprise, is his best friend’s little sister, Katie Cheek. Learning that Katie is not the stalker and was running to the women’s restroom because she got wasabi spilled on her and was now developing a severe rash, he offers her a ride home to his place.

Whilst there, he and Katie have a fling and the next day Katie runs back to Twilight Texas, thinking she’ll never see Ryder again. That is until a year later, when her brother and her best friend are getting married and who’s the best man, none other than Ryder himself. Also, in the mix, Katie is a professional organizer, having put her neat-freak habit to good use, she’s asked to take on a very severe case of hoarding. She usually turns down hoarders, but this one tears at her heart. It’s Ryder’s father, the Circle S, his home is filled with dirt and grime and buried to the hilt in trash and he comes home from the hospital in a matter of a couple of days. So Katie must work fast.

Whilst working her fingers to the bones, who comes knocking at the door, none other than Ryder himself. After learning of his step-mother’s death and hearing his father is in the hospital, he heads home early and goes to the Circle S, to find Katie standing in the doorway. In a whirlwind of twists and turns, Katie and Ryder are working feverishly to prepare his father’s home for his return and preparing for the upcoming wedding. All the while, they are growing more in love with one another. Can this bad boy from the past open his hardened heart and admit his feelings for Katie? Can this once geeky-girl-turned-gorgeous-woman open up and confess to her long-lived crush?

This is one of the best Christmas stories out there, reads like a Hallmark movie but with some passionate, and sultry scenes. You will fall in love with Katie and Ryder and root for their love all along. This story is filled with some deep family values and struggles that we can all relate to, to some degree. Also, the town of Twilight, Texas just draws you into their charm and Christmas festivities, the scenery in this book is so vivid you will feel as if you’re walking right down the streets. This was my first book of Lori Wilde’s and I must say I’m now, not only addicted to her writing, but addicted to this series and must get all of these book. I highly recommend this book, it will add some sparkle to your Christmas Season this year!

**Thanks to Avon/HarperCollins Publisher for gifting me a copy of this book for an Honest Review**

Friday, October 7, 2016

Review ~ The Perks of Loving A Scoundrel - The Seduction Diaries by Jennifer McQuiston

The Perks of Loving A Scoundrel

The Seduction Diaries


Jennifer McQuiston

Reviewed on October 7, 2016

Oh this is such a wonderful, on the edge of your seat book that you will not be able to put down! I absolutely loved The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel by Jennifer McQuiston.

We first meet timid and shy Mary Channing, who has lived her life in the country and lived her life through books. Miss Channing is a book worm to a T and she does not have time for nor desire romance. She’s avoided London and having a Season, that is until she’s summoned to her sister’s home in London to act as chaperone during her last days of pregnancy. Bored already and striving to avoid the noisiness of the London high life, Mary seeks refuge in the garden with a good book. However, she’s soon greatly and ghastly interrupted by a gentleman, a very drunken one, who’s urinating all over the roses.  Shocked and appalled, Mary quite literally squeaks out her disgust to the man who happens to be one of London’s most notorious scoundrel’s; Geoffrey Westmore, who is quite taken by this shy creature reading in her nightgown.

Later these two meet again when at a literary reading, where Mary has the opportunity to meet some of her favorite authors, such as Dickens. However, she’s so terribly nervous and uncomfortable that she seeks solace in the library down the hall. Seeing this lady in blue, Geoffrey heads off in her direction in hopes of a naughty library tryst. However, he’s met by a very shy yet beautiful, Miss Channing who peaks his interest and stirs his insides. He soon realizes she’s the lady from the garden and she has really no desire to be in his presence. Soon they hear tapping at the door and Geoffrey hides them behind the curtain and clamps a hand over Mary’s mouth. He thinks it’s a couple also interested in a tryst. However, to their surprise it’s a foursome who are plotting to assassinate someone and with what little they gained, they know a duke is involved. In order to keep Mary quiet, Geoffrey kisses her and his hands begin to wander only to be surprised out of their little game of seduction when the door opens and standing there with his sister are guests and the authors.

The next day, Geoffrey goes to Mary to do the honorable thing by offering his hand in marriage, however, Mary refuses. She’s more interested in discovering and solving the assignation attempt. She thrusts at him a list of possible scenarios and whose life could be in jeopardy. Reluctantly at first, he does agree to attempt to solve this mystery. Soon the two are on a feverish quest to solve the mystery and save the day. Can the two stop the assignation from happening? In the midst of solving an impending crime, will the two solve their own dilemma and give into their passions?

This is my first book of Jennifer McQuiston and I’m am now a huge fan! This book is filled with passion, mystery, intrigue and yes splashes of humor throughout. If you love a good history romance and are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you’ll love this book!

**Thanks to Avon/HarperCollins for gifting me a copy of this book for an honest review**