Friday, August 18, 2017

The Daughters of Ireland (Deverill Chronicles) by Santa Montefiore

The Daughters of Ireland (Deverill Chronicles)


Santa Montefiore

ABOUT THE BOOK: In Ireland 1925, the Anglo-Irish war is long over, but life will never be the same. Castle Deverill has been home to the Deverill family in West Cork for hundreds of years, until it fell prey to a devastating attack during the war. Young Celia (Deverill) Mayberry and her husband bought the estate, determined to restore it to its former glory. But not everyone is elated. Although Kitty is grateful to her cousin for ensuring the castle will remain in the family, she cannot help but be wistful for the days when she was the mistress of Castle Deverill. While she is content in her new life, her heart still yearns for Jack O’Leary. As Kitty struggles with her choices, she must make a heartbreaking decision that could hurt those closest to her.
Wealthy and the toast of the town in New York City, Bridie Doyle has come a long way since she was the daughter of one of the cooks at Castle Deverill. But all her money cannot ease the pain over having given away her baby or from seeking revenge upon the woman who wronged her all those years ago.
As Celia wastes no time, or expense, in hiring workers to renovate Castle Deverill, dark shadows are gathering once more, as the financial markets begin to shake. Now everything that felt so certain is cast into doubt as this daughter of Ireland must find the inner strength to build a new future.

This story is so amazing and well-deserving of a High 5 Teacups! Be swept back in time to the beautiful, lush, rich lands of Ireland and the castles that stand strong protecting her land. In the Daughters of Ireland, we meet Celia Deverill-Mayberry, who recently bought Castle Deverill, home to generations of her ancestors. She and her husband want to restore it to its former beauty but at every turn, they are met with strife and struggle from financial woes to individuals who hold many years’ worth of grudges. Will Castle Deverill ever return to its former glory? Will Celia finally be able to settle into the home of her dreams and childhood?

The plot in Daughters of Ireland is so thick and takes you on many twists and turns. The setting is just breathtaking and the characters are so well developed. I really enjoyed this book, not only do I love a good historical but the devotion and love Celia has for her family's estate and the land she loves so dearly.  Truly one of the most enjoyable reads of the summer!

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