Friday, September 30, 2016

The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

The Bookshop on the Corner
A Novel


Jenny Colgan

Reviewed on September 30, 2016

Oh my goodness this is definitely a book every book lover wants to add to their library! An absolute masterpiece and well deserving of High 5 Stars! The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan is a truly inspiring, funny and witty read! As soon as I started reading this book, I was hooked and stayed up all night to finish!

We first meet Nina Redmond at her job as a librarian where she’s learned that a new innovative and top of the line media center with all the glitz and high tech glam will be replacing their quaint, adorable library and there are only a few positions open.  Nina has been a bookworm from birth and there are tons of books just being thrown away, so she snatches these treasures up and heads home for the day. Her roommate and good friend, Surinder had had enough of Nina and her books and was very insistent that there just wasn’t any more room for books.

The next day at work, where they were having a team conference for the new media center, a very bubbly team representative was asking all of the employees what their dreams where and when it was Nina’s turn, she shyly admitted that she’d always wanted to open a bookshop. She was encouraged to go for it from the team rep and her good friend and colleague. However, she knew the cost of buildings and all that went into it, it was glancing through ads on the internet that she came across a van for sale in Scotland. Sparks began to fly and she immediately thought of a mobile bookstore. She couldn’t let the thought go and planned a trip to Scotland to see about purchasing the van.

Through a series of events and some amazing twists and turns, Nina purchased the van and moved to Scotland to build her mobile bookstore. A long the way, Nina has rented a barn-turned-house from a very dashingly handsome yet arrogant farmer, Lennox, whom she soon takes a liking too. She also has some amazing adventures along the way and one in particular involving a train conductor from Russia. Will Nina get her mobile bookstore in this vast and glorious unknown land? Will it thrive as she has dreamed? Will she find love along the way?

This story is truly captivating and one can’t help but be drawn into Nina’s world and her love of books! I most especially could relate to Nina, being a bookworm myself, she’s a delightful character who has so much inside her and such a unique talent for matching books with their long lost owners. This story is charming, funny, inspiring and so very addicting! I highly recommend this book to any book lover, you will not be displeased!

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