Friday, June 24, 2016

The Road to Winterhill by Gloria Gay

The Road to Winterhill


Gloria Gay

Reviewed on March 18, 2016

The Road to Winterhill by Gloria Gay is truly a 5 Star read, one that you will not be able to put down! I absolutely loved this story and felt drawn into it from the first paragraph. Our heroine of the story Belinda Presleigh is conned by her mother into a scheme involving Richard Branston, Earl of Berrington. Lord Berrington is drawn into the wine cellar by his mistress or so he thought, but instead and to his surprise he sees Belinda Presleigh. He goes back up the stairs and finds the door locked. Belinda at that moment knows her mother was behind this. She and Lord Berrington are stuck in the cellar throughout the night and to the Tons surprise are found the next morning. Lord Berrington, doing the honorable thing offers his hand to Belinda and she accepts. Belinda truly has been in love with Lord Berrington most all of her life but never let him know. She’s a very shy young woman and drowns herself in the written word and taking leisurely walks.

Her older sister was the beauty of the family and such high hopes were held that she’d become a great heiress. Her family was staying in London to prepare for her first season and the girl became very ill and shortly after died. Now all they had left was Belinda, who was not a striking beauty, rather plain and backward. However, she is their only hope to regain their position among the Ton and Society. So her mother focuses all her attentions on Belinda and when she learns of Belinda’s love for Lord Berrington, she creates a scheme that will assure the match must be made.

Lord Berrington and Belinda head from London to Winterhill, his country estate. Once at the estate, Belinda is greatly mistreated by Lord Berrington’s sister-in-law and his sister and the only friend Belinda has is her maid. It isn’t long before Lord Berrington heads back to London, leaving his new bride alone in the home to learn how to be the proper Countess and running Winterhill as promised by his sister-in-law. However, to his shock, his sister-in-law horribly mistreats Belinda and treats her as an outcast. While Lord Berrington is in London, he starts to realize the first stirrings of love for Belinda and he rushes home but a horror awaits his return. Will Belinda ever win Lord Berrington’s heart and love? Or will she be content to just live with the fact that she has loved him or will she be able to express that love?

Truly a wonderful story that will keep you awake all hours turning the pages! This story is filled with love, passion and a lot of suspense!

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