Friday, June 24, 2016

A Season of Love Box Set by Christi Caldwell

A Season of Love Box Set


Christi Caldwell

Reviewed on December 21, 2015

Two enchanting 5 Star Christmas Romantic tales that will be read again and again!

Book 1 Winning a Lady’s Heart:

We are first met by Alexandra and Nathan in the parlor of Alexandra’s home. Alexandra is deeply in love with Nathan but alas he no longer returns those feelings. He leaves her, breaking her heart and utterly devastating her. She soon learns of a wager he’s made at Whites that tarnishes her reputation but what tarnishes it further is when she confronts him some weeks later at a high society ball. She’s wrought with hurt and is dragged out by her shocked, yet comforting mother.

The Christmas season is near but Alexandra’s heart feels as cold as the fallen snow and colder still when she is summoned to her grandfathers, the Duke of Danby’s castle for Christmas. After her family’s long travels, Alexandra wants nothing more than to disappear under the covers of her warm bed when she is called to see the duke immediately. Fearing his rage and disappointment about her recent scandal, she shakenly but courageously goes to his office. However, to her surprise he talks of love and her true feelings for Nathan are expressed. Her grandfather calls in another of his guests and Alexandra turns to see before her, Nathan and her heart stops. Why did the Duke of Danby invite Nathan and his granddaughter? Will Nathan and Alexandra rekindle their love? Or will their love fall like the Christmas snow?

Book 2 A Season of Hope:

We meet Olivia curled up in the window seat of her room watching the falling snow. She’s reflecting on her age of three and twenty and that another season has passed and to her father’s disappointment, she’s not married. Her mother comes to her room and she and Olivia discuss her father’s desire for her to wed. Olivia does not want to wed for her heart belongs to another, Marcus Wheatley who went off to war five years before and has been presumed dead. She and Marcus loved each other very deeply and she made a promise to him and has pushed off all other suitors that is until now. Her father has offered her hand to a Lord Wellesley. However, to Olivia’s surprise and relief, she’s been summoned by her grandfather, the Duke of Danby’s castle for Christmastide. She and only she has been summoned.

The Duke of Danby is in his office and is talking with his employee, a dark haired man with a patch over his eye and scars marking his face. He is informed by the duke that they are expecting a very special guest, his granddaughter, Olivia. A carriage draws up and Olivia enters the castle only to be whisked immediately to her grandfather’s office. There she not only meets the duke but also hiding in the shadows is none other than her long lost love, Marcus Wheatley. What game is the duke playing now? Will Olivia and Marcus rekindle their love like the fire in the great hall or will Olivia be forced to marry Lord Wellesley and live with only her memories?

Christi Caldwell’s writing is impeccable, she takes the reader on an enchanting ride back in time to the age of Lord’s and Lady’s and of course one rascally Duke. What more romantic than at the most magical time of the year, Christmas, where love reawakens and sparkles just as the candles upon the yew tree. Caldwell’s characterization and plot development are so rich and one can’t help but fall in love with the young lovers in both stories. These stories are sweet, deeply romantic and so very enchanting. You will want to be sure to add this to your Christmas list this season and read these again and again each Christmastide!

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