Friday, June 24, 2016

The Groom Wore Plaid - Highland Weddings by Gayle Callen

The Groom Wore Plaid: Highland Weddings


Gayle Callen

Reviewed on March 11, 2016

A wonderful story and I give it a 4 Stars! Maggie McCallum see's things in her dreams and they often come true. She saw the death of her dear friend and love, Owen Duff. THe McCallum's and Duff's have been warring clans for some time and it is felt that a match between the two would bring peace to the clans. So Maggie and Owen are betrothed, however, Maggie is at first against it because due to a dream she has had she knows Owen's life is in danger and his clan is in jeopardy. She relentlessly tries to call the marriage off but Owen will have none of it, He is deeply in love with Maggie and desires her in so many ways. Will the two end up in wedded bliss? Will Maggie be able to get through to Owen and save his and his clans lives?

This story has a wonderful concept behind it but I must admit it has some flow issues in parts where the plot does not make complete sense to the reader. I feel that needs to be further developed. Otherwise, the story is awesome, the characters are very strong and well developed. If you enjoy a good highlander story, this is a good one!

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