Friday, June 24, 2016

The Earl Next Door - The Bachelor Lords of London by Charis Michaels

The Earl Next Door: The Bachelor Lords of London


Charis Michaels

Reviewed on March 4, 2016

5 Teacups!

This is one of the year’s best historical romance tales and deserving of a high 5 Stars! I absolutely loved this story and just adore the characters especially our heroine of the tale, Lady Piety, she is such a charming character who is humorous and gutsy!

We first start off on the street of Henrietta Place in the home of Lady Frances Stroud, Marchioness Frinfrock where she and her maid, Miss Breedlowe are seen snooping on the new neighbor across the street who is moving into a home which has been abandoned for five years. To the marchioness surprise it is a single young lady who is accompanied by an African and her new home happens to be right next to the much unmarried Earl Lord Falcondale.

Lord Falcondale has no intent on staying at his home, he's emptied it out and dismissed all of the staff and intends to do nothing but put it up for sale. While at home playing a game of chess with his servant boy, he hears a noise above coming from the music room and he knows it's completely empty, pondering the idea of ghosts he seeks out the noise to accidentally bump into a lady who's hidden behind a door. He soon learns this lady is his new neighbor and also that there is a secret passage connecting her home to his. Lady Piety is shocked for she was guaranteed the use of his home while her home was being renovated. However, there's been a mix-up, Earl Lord Falcondale is not the Lord Falcondale she seeks and whom this arrangement was made, it's his now deceased uncle. Upon hearing of the arrangement and payment for this arrangement, Lord Falcondale is absolutely against it and refuses to help Lady Piety.

Through a series of events and some amazing twists and turns, Lord Falcondale does consent to a compromise in which Lady Piety may use the passage but not to disturb anything else or enter into any other rooms. Lady Piety's plights are not yet over, there has been serious trouble in rebuilding her staircase and she needs a good architect which Lord Falcondale just happens to be. She seeks his help but here again she's met with an astounding no, so she continues on in her quest to seek his aid. Lord Falcondale is stunned by his new neighbor who shows such striking courage, charm and is absolutely breathtaking, and he soon finds himself falling for the gutsy lady and she too begins to fall for the dashingly handsome yet frustrating Earl Next Door. Will Lord Falcondale consent to helping Lady Piety and will he bear his heart and allow himself to love? Will Lady Piety open her heart to the dashing earl?

This was my first book by author Cheris Michaels and she's now one of my favorites, I'm going to be collecting all of her books! What an amazing writer, she sure can weave a tale! This was such a wonderful story with so many twists and turns that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The characters just draw you in and melt your heart and add many a laugh to your day! I highly recommend this book to anyone who's a fan of romance and loves a good laugh too!

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